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Wellness at Hotel Burgstein

Leave your worries behind and come to a place where you can recharge your batteries and feel good. The gentle sounds of the infinity pool and the warmth of the sauna area create a relaxing atmosphere. Our fitness area offers the perfect environment for people who want to continue their fitness routine while on vacation.

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Infinity Panorama

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Swim to infinity and beyond

Indoor infinity pool

An oasis of well-being at 1,500 m. The indoor infinity pool with the panorama platform offers a unique swimming experience while you gaze at the impressive Ötztal mountains in front of you. The boundless view is enhanced by the harmonious lighting concept, which covers the pool and the ceiling of the room in magnificent colors to intensify the effect of the breathtaking surroundings. Float in the 30° C (86° F) water and experience first-hand how the boundaries between nature and wellness become blurred. The integrated counter-current system and massage jets promise unique moments with views as far as the Hochgurgl ski resort, 25 km (15.5 miles) away.

A relaxing interplay of water, technology, and pure wellness. Enjoy a soothing massage on an ergonomic lounger and feel how the tension in your body gives way to a feeling of lightness and relaxation. Use of the massage tables is available for a fee.

Every step in the clear mountain water provides peace and harmony. Our Kneipp therapy pool is a place of relaxation in the heart of the Ötztal Alps where you can restore your inner balance.

Relaxation in the open air

Outdoor hot tub

Nestled in the natural landscape, you can enjoy the clear mountain air in our outdoor hot tub covered in warm water. Experience blissful alpine relaxation while listening to the gentle lapping of the water and marveling at the breathtaking natural scenery. A place that offers pure relaxation with a breathtaking view and sets the mood for a carefree vacation. Let it all just drift away while you enjoy the pleasantly warm water and the tranquility of the moment.

Carefree indulgence

Relaxation in harmony with nature

Sauna area

Our extensive range of saunas invigorates the senses and pampers the body. Close your eyes, lean back, and enjoy the moment. Embark on a journey to restore your inner balance and soothe your body, mind, and soul. It is the perfect place to give your body much-needed rest after an active day in the mountains.

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Carefree indulgence

Healing warmth for ultimate relaxation. In combination with the beautiful wooden interior, the soft light creates an atmosphere of tranquility. A place of retreat and revitalization awaits you here.

A symbiosis of wellness and nature experience. Surrounded by the fresh mountain air and the pure scent of nature, our outdoor soft sauna provides pleasant heat. That’s what a vacation in Ötztal feels like.

Enjoy the gentle warmth of our bio-sauna. A place of relaxation where wellness and connection to nature come together.

Relieve muscle tension and boost your well-being. The targeted infrared rays loosen your muscles and evoke a feeling of holistic relaxation. A regenerating timeout with cozy charm.

The soothing ambience invites you to let go. Pause for a moment. Let the gentle steam envelop you. Feel how your tension is gradually released and enjoy relaxing moments in charming alpine style.

Enjoy moments of tranquility. Unwind and let yourself be enveloped by the tranquility of the moment. The comfortable hay and sheep’s wool beds invite you to linger in comfort after a relaxing sauna session.

Holistic relaxation. The vitality bar rounds off your sauna experience perfectly with a free selection of refreshing juices and soothing teas.

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From relaxation to exercise


Our fitness area is a place where physical activity and mental well-being go hand in hand. Modern equipment offers a variety of ways to maintain your fitness routine on vacation. From strength training to a cardio session, our fitness area offers the perfect environment for a successful workout.

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